School Staff


Headteacher: Mr Richard Hunt

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Neil Bithell

Special Educational Needs Coordinator: Mrs Danielle Burke

Head of Early Years: Mrs Linsey Sanderson

Head of Values and Ethos: Mrs Lynn Ashton

Head of Maths: Mr Mike Clayton

Head of English: Miss Carly Gallacher



Early Years Staff                 

Nursery: Mrs Sanderson

Reception: Miss Dennis (Mrs Burke is on maternity leave).

Reception: Mrs Clayton / Mrs Jardine


Early Years supported by:

Mrs Riddiough (Advanced Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Newsham (General Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Harrison (Advanced Teaching Assistant)


Teachers (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2)

Miss Booth

Mrs Barrett

Mrs Gates

Mrs Shone

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Ashton

Miss Carter

Mr Clayton

Mrs Woodier

Miss Copley

Miss Gill

Mrs Donald

Miss Gallacher


Learning Mentor

Mrs Hunt


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mr Smith, Mrs Waggett, Miss Dransfield, Mrs Beckwith


School Administrators

Ms Sands

Mrs Daniel

Mrs Chapman


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Allan

Mrs Grimbaldeston

Mrs Beckwith

Miss Jessop

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Wilcock

Mrs Waggett

Miss Dransfield

Mrs L. Clayton

Mrs Apreda

Mrs Morrison

Mr Smith

Mrs Sugden

Miss Turner (SEN)

Miss Riley (SEN)

Mrs Balzan (SEN)

Mrs Barton (SEN)

Mrs Hannan (SEN)

Mr Hey (SEN)

Miss Jayes (SEN)


Midday supervisory assistants

Mrs Apreda (Senior MSA)

Mrs Daniel (Playleader)

Mrs Holder                                                                           


Catering service

Mrs Riley (Cook-in-Charge)



Mr Pighills