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Quality first teaching- Lessons are differentiated for all learners, including those with SEND, in order for them to access the learning at their level and make progress.

The school has access to a wide range of professionals and outside agencies that we can contact for further support and advice. If we feel that outside agency input would benefit your child then we will have a meeting in school to discuss this with you.

We have access to:

  • Speech and language therapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Parent Support Advisers
  • Enhanced Mainstream schools for specific learning difficulties, communication and interaction and BESD
  • Specialist teachers for hearing and visually impaired children
  • Social care
  • Looked after children workers                                        



The aim of intervention is to narrow gaps in learning and to compliment the daily quality first teaching your child receives in class. The school offers afternoon intervention sessions with advanced teaching assistants. Children for interventions are identified through pupil progress meetings which are held termly. The intervention usually lasts for up to 6 weeks. 

Some of the interventions Glusburn CP School offers-


1st class at number

1stClass@Number is a set of mathematics lessons. The teaching assistant usually works with a group of 4 children about 3 times a week for 8 weeks. The lessons are designed to be fun for the children, with lots of games and activities and discussion about the mathematics they are learning. They have a Post Office theme so you might find your child becomes very interested in letters, parcels, post boxes and stamps!

Your child will still have a daily mathematics lesson with their class teacher, who will work together with the 1st Class@Number teaching assistant to plan your child’s work.

Your child might take a short test with a teacher or their teaching assistant at the start and end of the programme, to measure their progress.


Success @ Arithmetic

Success@Arithmetic is a ‘light touch’ calculation-based intervention for learners in upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 who are at about National Curriculum Level 3C or 3B and have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency. It helps them to make faster progress and to catch up with their peers.

A specially trained teacher makes a detailed initial assessment of each learner’s needs and plans an appropriate pathway to develop factual, procedural and conceptual knowledge.

Your child will still have a daily mathematics lesson with their class teacher, who will work together with the Success @ Arithmetic teaching assistant to plan your child’s work.


Read, Write Inc Phonics

RWI phonics is a 1:1

programme for children aged 4-7.  This intervention is for children who are in danger of falling behind with their reading, or are behind their peers, or are new to a school and need to catch up. The will receive 3 sessions a week for 20 minutes. There is an element of home learning with this intervention for support at home.




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