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Mathematics at Glusburn

 Below are details of the two main initiatives we have to support your children in their learning of Maths.


Glusburn Space Mission

This initiative is aimed at supporting your child with instant recall of mathematical knowledge that can help support future learning. Children receive a set of Glusburn Space Mission objectives named after planets in our solar system. These are sets of facts and simple calculations that children should learn off-by-heart. 


We would like children to learn these facts at home and they will be regularly tested at school to see if they can recall them quickly before progressing to the next planet.


The planets are roughly aligned to year groups and our aim is for every child to have passed a particular planet before the end of the academic year. However, children are welcome to progress as quickly as they can through the solar system. Click here to see the objectives for all the planets:


The stages are as follows and are roughly aligned to year groups

End of Year 1:        Mercury
End of Year 2:        Venus
End of Year 3:        Earth
End of Year 4:        Mars
End of Year 5:        Jupiter
End of Year 6:        Saturn
Year 6 plus:           Uranus / Neptune

How can parents help at home:

As your child brings home their current target sheet for the planet they are on, ask them to recall the related facts. Choose a time when they are most responsive and more likely to participate and do well. Give encouragement and celebrate success; remember, after each successful space mission the children will be awarded a certificate from school and moved to the next planet!



Times Table Rock Stars

The second maths initiative we use is Time Tables Rockstars. This is both an in-school lesson activity and an online programme that is a fun way for children to practise their times tables. Children have been given user names and passwords that should enable them to access the Times Table Rockstars App & website.

The App and website are completely safe where children can only be identified by their ‘rockstar name’; there is no way they can message other users. 

The website has several exciting features and games that can be played at home. The more questions the children get correct; the more coins they earn. They can use these coins in the Rockstars Shop to change their clothes / hairstyles & accessories. The games include practice areas where children can have go at answering questions set by their teacher or they can have a go at competing against other players and improve their 'Rockstar Status'.




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