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This term in FSU

New Parents Meetings

Thank you to all the parents that attended our meeting on 8th June. It was lovely to meet you all. We are looking forward to getting to you know you all over the next few weeks ready for September 2017. Please can we remind you to take a Family Photograph over the summer that your child can share with their new class.  For those that could not attend please get in touch so we can organise visit sessions for you and your child. As always any questions please speak to a member of the EYFS team.

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Spring Term 2

We have had a very exciting half term. We arrived back at school to go on a mission to space! The children had the opportunity to visit every planet, apart from those made of gas and also learnt about the constellations we can see from our sky at night. This was a wonderful learning experience and really inspired the children.

Back in the classroom we have learnt about Gravity and watched our very own astronaut Tim Peake in Space. We have been amused as we have watched him drink balls of floating water and play water ping pong with them. We learnt that without gravity going to the toilet could be very messy! Luckily Tim Peake taught us about the special toilets astronauts have to use. We also learnt how to wash your hair in space and how to keep your food under control.  At the end of the topic we asked can you jump from space. The majority of the children said ‘no you’ll bang your head.’ We then watched Felix Baumgartner complete his record breaking parachute jump from the edge of space. The children watched open mouthed as he rushed towards earth. On his safe landing the whole of FSU applauded with relief that he was not hurt. We then talked about the force gravity pulling him towards earth. We then discussed why he could only jump from the edge and not actually space and Isla Hey quickly stated ‘because there is no gravity and he would float away!’ Amazing learning!

Our literacy text for the topic was ‘Whatever Next!’ The children learnt the story off by heart and enjoyed taking it home to teach their families. We would like to thank all our families for their support and feedback in this approach. The children then changed the story and it was lovely to share each class’ ideas from princesses, to skate boards to the beach. It has been wonderful to see the children develop their talk for writing and allowing their imaginations to run free. We have had many inspired children writing wonderful stories and they have thoroughly enjoyed sharing them with all the children in the unit.

This half term we also held our parent’s evening and we would like to thank all the parents who attended. It was an extremely successful two evenings and we loved hearing about all the home learning. We were also overwhelmed by the comments left in the visitors book including

‘We’re so happy with how Max is doing at school – all thanks to the effort you all put into the children here. It’s fantastic to see the journals and see how much he is progressing due to the variety of activities you have been doing with him. Thank you so much for looking after our little boy with such love and care.’

‘Brilliant parents evening. Made us both even more proud of our little boy and how far he has progressed over the last year with all your support. A big thank you.’

‘Thank you for everything you are doing / done for Erin. She has come on so much and absolutely loves school and all the staff.’

‘Really happy to hear that Charlie is enjoying learning and settled in his current class. It’s lovely to feel the genuine interest all the teachers have in Charlie’s learning and development. The friendly face at the mini gate is always a positive start to the day for us all. Thank you for your hard work.’

Please remember you are welcome to join your children in their learning environment just speak to a member of staff.

We are so proud of all the children this term and we are looking forward to our next learning adventure ‘Under the Sea.’

Happy Easter from all the team!

Spring Term 1

Since starting back in January the children have been learning all about Journeys. We used the story The Train Ride as a starting focus and we kept reading it until we could nearly retell it off my heart. The story inspired lots of train play and encouraged children to make their own tickets. In literacy our reception children wrote about what they would be able to see if they were on a train ride. We travelled to the other side of the world to learn more about Australia. We enjoyed travelling on an aeroplane all the way there. Whilst we were in Australia we read The Diary of a Wombat. Again this was a key text that the children enjoyed reading over and over again. So much so they were reading it with us. The children particularly loved the different ways the Wombat demanded carrots. The nursery children enjoyed being Wombats. They each had a carrot and every time the Wombat mentioned the word carrot they took a bite of their own carrot. The reception children carefully completed their own diaries at home and they really enjoyed sharing them with each other back in school.  Once we left Australia we flew to china. Again the children enjoyed flying on the aeroplane. Whilst in China we enjoyed eating ‘oodles of noodles’ at our noodles bar. The children showed skill in using chop sticks. We also read the story of the Great Race and learnt about the animals who took part.

We also had lots of visitors into school. Caitlin’s Daddy brought his flatbed lorry from his work Whitelocks. We all got to sit in the cabin and have a class photograph stood on the back. Mr Collins and Amy taught us all about their special jobs as a bridge engineer and as a member of cabin crew. Dylan’s Grandma and our very own Isabelle inspired us with their passion for cars and motorbikes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our visitors once again. These opportunities really do inspire children to think differently during their independent learning. It is also a great way to teach children how to use questions effectively to find out more information.

As well as the topic learning the children have continued to further develop their skills in Literacy, phonics and maths. Nursery have now begun to learn about letters within their phonic sessions and we are all so proud of how engaged they all are. Parents have been extremely supportive and this shows in the children’s learning. Mrs Sanderson cannot wait to share more letter rhymes on the door next term!

We hope you all have a wonderful half term and look forward to going on the biggest of Journeys next half term. SPACE here we come!


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