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Maths Home Learning 

Parents and children will be able to access maths home learning opportunities from this page:

1) Learn by Heart

2) An activity linked to recent work in the classroom.

Instant recall is one of the most important parts of learning mathematics.  It gives children a bank of knowledge from which they can draw to help them when working with maths in a range of situations.   

What each child from Year 1 to Year 6 should have:

  • A log book which stays in school – updated with dates when they achieved their targets
  • A copy of their current target sheet to take home – so they and all adults involved with the child know what they are working on next: ask your child which planet are they on!
  • A fortnightly opportunity to be tested by staff to show what progress they are making against their targets

Please use think link to find out more.


Please find below a 'Home Learning Activity' linked to what we have been doing in class. 

We are learning to tell the time.  Use every opportunity you can to read a clock accurately.  Work out how long it takes to complete activities.
Make sure you can read analogue clocks (clocks with hands) and digital clocks.
This is a life skill you can't do without!!

Remember to learn the skills needed to advance to the next planet in the Space Mission Challenge
Click HERE to enter a website full of interactive games to support your maths learning at home.
Have a go .... there's something for everyone! Click HERE for some more fun maths games to enjoy at home. 
Play "Who wants to be a Mathionaire?" by clicking the £ sign Challenge a family member to a game of Ghostblasters by clicking HERE.  
Here are some more great games here to help you with times tables, number bonds plus loads of other maths areas. Have a go by clicking HERE Click HERE for a whole range of fun games and activities!


Units of measurement.

Make sure you know the following and can convert between the different metric units of measurement:
10 mm = 1 cm
100 cm = 1 m
1000 m = 1 km
1000 ml = 1 l
1000 g = 1 kg
To change mm to cm, DIVIDE  BY 10
To change cm to mm, MULTIPLY BY 10
To change cm to m, DIVIDE BY 100
To change m to cm, MULTIPLY BY 100
To change m to km, g to kg or ml to l, DIVIDE BY 1000
To change km to m, kg to g or l to ml, MULTIPLY BY 1000


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