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Purple Mash

Explore Purple Mash to find out about the history of toys.

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Click here for some story writing tips from BBC bitesize.



Here's an activity about contractions


Turn the words in italics into a contraction (shortened form).  Remember that the apostrophe is located where letters have been removed.  The first one has been done for you.


  1. Trudy does not understand her homework.                          doesn’t
  2. Sam rarely laughs while he is sleeping.
  3. Bill likes chocolate but he has stopped eating it.
  4. We have tried to be fair to everyone.
  5. Karen and Sarah think they are cuter than you.
  6. Maria refused to admit that she had put butter in her pocket.
  7. Ashley promised that she would send us an e-mail.
  8. The report will be handed in but it will be late.
  9. I wonder if it is proper to eat soup with a knife and fork.
  10. That is the silliest song they have ever sung.


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