School Uniform

School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone. It also serves to foster a feeling of ‘belonging’ to the school.  We want children to feel proud to be at Glusburn School and to be part of its uniqueness. The wearing of a uniform ensures pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome and protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; the children come to school prepared and with the right attitude for work.

You will be informed of any ‘non-uniform’ days. These will usually be linked to fund raising or charity events such as Children in Need or special events in school such as Christmas parties.


For all children:

Plain black/grey tailored ‘school’ trousers or skirt

Plain white polo shirt

Plain navy blue sweatshirt (not a hoodie/tracksuit top)

Plain black shoes (not trainers)

Blue checked school dresses may be worn in the summer as may plain black/grey tailored shorts.

Physical Education

PE Days uniform:

Plain black shorts

Plain white t-shirt

Plain black pumps for indoor PE (kept in school in a small drawstring PE bag).

Children should also wear their usual school jumper and a pair of either plain black or plain navy tracksuit bottoms with plain black trainers for outdoor PE.


In the interest of health and safety all jewellery and hard headbands must be removed for PE, Games and swimming lessons. Please consider very carefully before allowing your child to have pierced ears as these cannot be removed for six weeks after the event. This means that your child cannot take part in PE lessons. PE is a legal requirement of the National Curriculum. Jewellery must not be worn except in the case of pierced ears when one earring in each ear (or one ear) is allowed; these must be studs or sleepers. The wearing of multiple earrings in each ear is not allowed. There should be no other visible body piercings. Staff will not remove ear-rings or be responsible for looking after them.


Head scarves and other relgious head wear may be worn. These must plain black, white or navy blue and must be fastened securely.

Where to buy uniform from:  

MC Sport Skipton

Whittakers Schoolwear – In association with Andrew Firth and Henry Smith

On-line Shop